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Let me introduce you to my website and explain what I do. I describe myself as a textile artist because most of the work relates to textiles in some way or other.

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I will describe now some most recent projects and pieces of work. Some are commissions and others are ideas that I want to make. Making is a most exciting thing because it is where small notions of an idea gets put into practice.

I studied Theatre Design so the world of entertainment is never very far away. I suppose the textile work such as the scarves and velvet bags, evoke theatre through colour and texture. The acrobats, circus characters and menagerie are from a theatrical and entertainment world.

Details of ‘Circus’ works

I use various making techniques idepending on what is required. My theatre design course involved model making and drawing for the costume designs. I naturally work 3 dimensionally so model making gives me the freedom I require to express what I want. I needed to make a drawing of ‘the strongman’ so I had to find a way to give it a spatial dimension. I was inspired by Matisse and his ‘cut outs’ where colour gives the viewer a sense of depth and movement.

The paper animals and circus people use my model making techniques where I let the layers of paper and glue lead the way into an object with character and fun.

Individual commissions for exterior places.

These commissions use my painting skills for large surfaces. The themes also have theatrical connections I think. The extravagance of the ‘Front Door’ and the humour of the ‘Window’ People ask me to do these because they perceive my sense of fun, I hope

Anna Steiner trained in theatre design and worked in the theatre for several years as a designer and visualiser before specialising in printed textiles. She designed the first production of Lear at the Other Place and supplied and made the art-work for many other Royal Shakespeare Company productions. Her painting and sculptural skills have also been used for the musical, Evita, Opera at the Royal Opera House and English National Opera. The multi-dimensional aspect of theatre has been the greatest stimulant to the way her individual printing techniques have developed.

Spatial thoughts are translated into ideas and designs using individual printing techniques, that have developed over several years. The act of putting down layers of colour is a physical movement and designs derive from dynamic and spatial actions – such as lifting from one surface to another or folding cloth to distort a mark – which occur during the printing process.

Textile Roots = Anna Steiner

Past recollections of objects seen join with the imagination to transport images across boundaries

Anna Steiner

2 Kiln Lane
NN12 8JQ

Tel: 01327 830095

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