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Anna Steiner

2 Kiln Lane
NN12 8JQ

Tel: 01327 830095

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  1. Sebastian Smith says:

    Hi Anna

    Sandy here.
    Sad news – My beautiful lady Lizzie passed away on June 15th. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year and although it was successfully operated on it came back in full force in April this year. She fought hard but it was just too invasive. Happily she did not suffer too much and my son Rowan and I were there for the last month in constant attendance and we were holding her hands as she passed. Emotional roller coster at the moment – we met when we were 17 !!!! Would love to hear from you – we go back a long way. Still living in France but looking to sell up here in Provence and buy a medieval Chateau in the Lot and start a new chapter.
    Love to you and hope you are well and safe in this terrible time.

    Sand xxxx

    1. Anna Steiner says:

      Oh Sandy, I am so sorry, thank you for letting know and with such a nice letter about Lizzie. I always remember Tess talking about her in hugely flattering terms and as you said way back in time.Funnily enough I am just trying to update my website and so spotted another Comment- otherwise I hardly ever looked at it – I was going to have an exhibition in Olonzac in September but Coronavirus has postponed it. The gallery is owned by a friend who lives near me when not in France. Lots of love and happy memories. Anna


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