‘Knot In the tree’

Textile expression of tree growth Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Gallery  – ‘Inside-Out’ exhibition 2007

‘Light Matter’

Open University Light Matter ‘Light Matter’ -2006 – Open university commission for the Berril Building foyer – Circular twist view Stretched linen with encapsulated plant paper. Suspended on willow from fibre glass rods

‘Knot On Release’

Part of the Fermynwoods exhibition ‘Inside Out’ A double action – the knot of nylon is held together by the rods which the same time support the knot  

‘Knot Touching’

Fermynwoods Contempory Art Gallery: ‘Inside Out’ Exhibition Silicon tubes tied into small ash grove

‘Zing’ Outside

One of the Stretched Textile series. Taken outside at Fermynwoods Contempory Art Gallery – 2004

Open Spaces Open Places, Northampton

‘Station Dragon’ Open Places Open Spaces, Northampton 2004 – Stretched textile ‘Dragon’ made from linen flags held together from overlaping corners and fibre glass rods then strtched on a willow tree, stripped of its bark. Open Places Open Spaces made public spaces available for artist to make work. I used this opportunity to express ideas […]

Tree Boat

Suspended stretched textile Size – 60 x 60cms. Garden feature. Designs for shade makers and other individual requirements can be commissioned.

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