Adventures on the high seas? At least a feeling of past exploration — into poetry and theatre.

Eclogue Rustics

Three of my Eclogue Rustics. Echoing Virgils characters as they toil in the fields in Roman times grumbling about politics and their employers.

Circus Characters

Acrobats balancing on unicycles , tight-ropes or hoops.They all hold a painted stick to suggest a place and dimension

‘Colour Counts’

Commission from South Northants for their new Council offices in Brackley 2009. Sculpture based on maps fields and communications Willow, powder-coated aluminium mesh, wire and string

‘Knot In the tree’

Textile expression of tree growth Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Gallery  – ‘Inside-Out’ exhibition 2007

‘Light Matter’

Open University Light Matter ‘Light Matter’ -2006 – Open university commission for the Berril Building foyer – Circular twist view Stretched linen with encapsulated plant paper. Suspended on willow from fibre glass rods

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