Circus Theme

Scenes that reflect circus and enterainment situations

Circus Animal Kits

Here are the animals that the kits will make. There are elephants, Giraffes, a tiger and a strongman with the Ringmaster.


The first of the Acrobats for the Exchange Space Gallery, Sleaford. The wings changed it to the mythical character of Icarus highlighting the fact of a fall.

Circus Characters

Exhibition at Exchange Space, the National Centre for Craft and Design May 2014. The gallery gives an opportunity to the public to make things with a theme from the the exibition. Paper and glue is provided to make animals and acrobats. The objects were displayed on the shelf provided

Moths and Bugs

Moths made from plant material – Grass, nettles and iris. Paper pulp is dried natually to form wings and assembled with a wire body sizes approx 25x50cm