St. Lawrence Door

The design for this door grew from suggestions and art works from the family members. Acrylic paint

‘Colour Counts’

Commission from South Northants for their new Council offices in Brackley 2009. Sculpture based on maps fields and communications Willow, powder-coated aluminium mesh, wire and string

Velvet purses

Examples in the range of velvet purses. Each one is individual printed with patterns and motifs according to the shape of the purse


Buildings series – on ancient monuments

Moths and Bugs

Moths made from plant material – Grass, nettles and iris. Paper pulp is dried natually to form wings and assembled with a wire body sizes approx 25x50cm

Silk Satin Scarves

hand printed from paper strips and cutouts Folded and printed – forest and beaches, skies and stars, butterfly arches  

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