Monkeys and Things

These monkeys are made to hang from domestic interiors. Their curling and twirling limbsĀ tellĀ all.       Grandparents choice? Multi pieced rag dolls that like hanging around from curtain poles, ceilings of just on the end of the bed. size (approx.) 36cms x 20cms

Circus Theme

Scenes that reflect circus and enterainment situations

Circus Animal Kits

Here are the animals that the kits will make. There are elephants, Giraffes, a tiger and a strongman with the Ringmaster.


The first of the Acrobats for the Exchange Space Gallery, Sleaford. The wings changed it to the mythical character of Icarus highlighting the fact of a fall.


Banner designs on paper and the banners as they are in situ. Designed with ideas from natural forms, weather and ships at sea. Fairy tales, poetry and discovery are my starting points for discussion. This house in Lansdown Road has a permanent back drop of incredible skies as its view Designed to screen balcony from […]

Pub Sign

The sign was commissioned to recall how the house was once a pub called the Sun and later the Woolpack

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